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Choosing the Perfect Gray for Your Media Room

Choosing colors can be hard, and choosing a gray can feel impossible. We spoke with Amy Guess, Principal at BGI Design to get her input on great colors for Dallas media rooms or Frisco home theaters.

If you have a theater, or are planning to build one, choosing a color can be tough. For years Dallas home theaters were painted in depressing - overly dark - colors, ostensibly to help deal with dim, low cost, projectors. The colors that work for the rest of the house aren’t ideal for a dedicated viewing room, but there must be a better option than those dreary shades of the past. 

We asked Amy Guess, Principal of BGI Design, to help us wit the difficult task of selecting colors for media rooms and home theaters. Read on to learn some of her favorites.

Amy Guess with BGI Design helps us find the perfect color for your modern Dallas media room or traditional Plano home theater.

Sherwin Williams Grizzle Gray (SW 7068)

If you aren’t afraid of gray, Sherwin Williams Grizzle Gray is a gorgeous color for a dedicated home theater. It is dark enough to use with a projector, as it won’t wash out the screen terribly, but light enough that your theater won’t feel like a dungeon.

If you like Grizzle Gray but want to maximize video performance in your theater you might consider the Sherwin Williams color Iron Ore (SW 7069.) According to Amy, “if it is a true media room that's a separate dedicated space, dark colors are always a winner!” This is a shade darker that Grizzle Gray, and will make for a very dark room, so plan for extra task lighting if you chose to go this route.

Sherwin Williams Repose Gray (SW 7015) 

For a modern media room that is a more multipurpose space Repose Gray is both a popular color, and a very easy gray to get along with. Amy describes it as “a light and bright neutral that you can use throughout a home.” It is probably too light for use with all but the brightest projectors, but with a large Sony 4K TV it would make for a beautiful room.

If you like Repose Gray but want something darker for use with a projector take a look at Gauntlet Gray (SW 7019.) It would look great for the media room in a home painted in Repose Gray.

Sherwin Williams Felted Wool (SW 9171)

I admit, this is one of my favorites and the color I am painting my personal home theater. If you are afraid of gray, or just don’t think it would work well in your home, Felted Wool is a beautiful warm neutral that would work great in just about any traditional Dallas home built in the last twenty years. It is a gray taupe color that can modernize an older color without looking out of place with your existing furnishings and accents.  

Options for the Bold

If you are looking for a more exciting color, consider Indigo Batik (SW 7602) or Night Owl (SW 7061). Indigo Batik is a sophisticated navy blue, that could work for a theater or a multi-purpose media room. Night Owl is a fantastic shade of green. “The green color palette is getting super popular right now” according to Amy.  

If you are looking for someone to help you create a better environment in your home don’t hesitate to contact Amy at For anything else related to your theater or media room reach out to us via the chat feature below.

The HGTV smart home features Sherwin Williams Indigo Batik on modern board and batten walls in this modern media room.

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